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Invest in Jeffco's young artists!

Art has the power to inspire the world, you have the power to invest in our young artists.

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$14,000 goal

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Our Reach

For nearly 50 years, Jeffco Public Schools has supported students to develop as artists. With support from you, Jeffco Schools Foundation can step up to make sure students across Jeffco are able to continue to share their art and that our students and teachers have the support and acclaim they deserve.

Support Jeffco Art!

We need your support to continue to offer these experiences to our community. That means raising funds to support a variety of components, including support for:

  • Paying for substitutes so Jeffco art teachers can volunteer for and participate in the art shows - students feel especially honored when their teachers are there to recognize them
  • Scholarships and awards for students, which make additional art experiences possible and help students feel recognized for their talents
  • Event needs for four art shows where nearly 3,000 Jeffco students, from Kindergarten through high school, get to see their own creations displayed with pride
  • And so much more…

You are invited and welcome to see our students' inspirational works of art. We are so proud of our students, our art teachers, and our District partners for engaging in and supporting Jeffco arts! And we are all so thankful for Jeffco art supporters like you!

Join Us to View and Purchase Student Art and to Participate in Jeffco Art Award Ceremonies! Students will be showcasing their art with numerous pieces available for purchase. And ALL student art proceeds go directly to the student artists. Imagine the excitement our students feel when someone purchases their creations

Jeffco has been supporting student artists for generations, and Superintendent Dr. Jason Glass shares the importance of this cross-generation priority in Jeffco Generations, A Learning Centered Vision for our Community's Schools. Learn more by clicking on the plan below.

Our community has been investing in Jeffco artists from generation to generation. This is reflected in Jeffco's community vision - Jeffco Generations.

Meet a Jeffco Alumni Artist, Austin Parkhill, and His Former Arvada West High School Teacher, Keith Oelschlager!

An important part of the Jeffco student art story, something we need your support to continue, is our student award and scholarship portfolio. We support students to participate in the arts, and to pursue their passions. Every year, numerous students receive scholarships from college partners to support them to pursue their dreams. Austin Parkhill, a Jeffco alumni artist, shares his journey with us. Please take a moment to hear his Jeffco story. We are so proud of you, Austin!

We are also honored to have teachers like Austin's talented Arvada West High School teacher, Keith Oelschlager, investing in student art development! Congratulations, Keith, on your accomplishments as an artist in your own right as well!