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This scholarship is in honor of Christopher E. Faughnan, a 1981 graduate of Arvada High School, who perished on September 11, 2001 in the World Trade Center.

About Chris Faughnan . . .

Chris was a 37 years old father of three, who believed we should strive to leave our world better than the way we found it. He was a bond broker who worked in the heart of Wall Street; however, he understood money did not hold life’s importance. He centered his priorities around his family, helping others, the environment, and showing decency toward his fellow man regardless of societal status. He was a man of honor and conviction who believed in hard work and taking responsibility for your actions. He believed in treating all people with respect and fairness, and that those blessed with life’s gifts should lead with a helping hand for those less fortunate. He made it a point to be informed on world events and to understand circumstances as viewed from others' perspectives. He believed in forming an informed opinion and expressed beliefs through well-intended actions and words. This scholarship is dedicated to these principles and is intended to assist students in their aspirations to create a better world.

The Faughnan Family, and their friends, have raised and donated funds over the past 19 years to provide scholarships for Arvada High School graduates who are pursuing higher education. All student applicants submit an application which includes research and education on the events of September 11, 2001. The scholarship selection committee reviews applications and conducts interviews with all applicants. Recipients are chosen based upon their personal character as illustrated in the application response, personal statement based on select essay questions, letters of recommendation, academic achievement, community service, financial need, and personal interview. Often, more than one recipient is chosen to receive a $3,000 scholarship to the accredited college or university of their choice. This is because these students display the unique ability to impact society in a positive manner; a trait which Chris possessed.

Over the past 19 years, scholarships have been awarded and students often keep in touch with the family and the foundation to report their successes. We hope you will consider donating to help continue this tradition for years to come so many more exceptional students are recognized and encouraged to create positive change though their efforts in education.